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I highly recommend Ellen Barrier, as she is an amazing talent! She is a brilliant author of books, owner of bookstores, health products, and shares beautiful inspirational blogs on her sites. She is a very inspired person who I admire. I would recommend Ellen to anyone who desires to work with an honest, good, hard worker, and very professional person. She amazes me how many wonderful projects she works on at one time, all done so perfect, and so accomplished. She is a very cherished client and I am proud to be her screenwriter. She really is an inspiration to me, and I would    
                                           HIGHLY recommend working with Ellen!
 Kathy Kranz Stewart
CEO StewArt Prods. Good Book Films Biblical Films Award Win. SCREENWRITER VP Acquisitions DISTRIBUTION & Book to Screen

With her healthcare background and being involved in the books business, Ellen has created a solid experience when it comes to counseling with regards to health and fitness issues. She is a gifted person where her talent in spiritual counseling is overwhelming.
 (July 7, 2012)

Hussain A. Rahman (LION) 
Country Manager India at Gulf Air
Bahrain Airlines/Aviation

Ellen is a great connection and an open networker who always accepts invites. She is friendly and if you need help she will do everything to help you. I`m sure that you can make your business grow through her of her connections and you can also expand your network by connecting with her.  (June 29, 2012)

Aleksandar Bolanovic
Warehouse Supervisor Healthcare

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