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Ellen Jean Barrier is an author, musician, singer and songwriter. She is the owner of Barrier’s Books & Associates, a company that sale books, music, health and Personal Care Products, that consists of several websites. Ellen uses her skills to educate, inspire and motivate people to reach their full potential to achieve success.
Ellen started writing stories, and songs, along with performing in musicals in churches and school, during her preteen years. She has published two books, and written hundreds of articles. The book titled, The Price We Must Pay For Our Father’s Sins is an Official Selection for Best Screenplay 2013 At The Beverly Hills Film Festival.

Ellen has published over 100 quotes from her writings on Goodreads. She owns several blog sites where her writing appears. She likes to write life stories. She believes life is a journey and that along the paths traveled, we meet many people, and witness a great number of events that is inspirational to write about.

Ellen began her performing arts career, in her preteen years. At about the age of 3, she used any object she could find to make music. Her parents bought her first piano at the age of 14, and provided her with music lessons. Ellen grew up singing and performing in churches and in school activities. Her performances include public speaking, singing, acting in plays and dancing.

Ellen enjoys singing, writing and listening to various genres of music such as classic, hip -hop, jazz, inspirations, pop, rap, rock and Latin.
Ellen credits her experience as an author, singer and songwriter, to writing poems, songs and stories that began in her youthful years.

Ellen considers herself to be a ‘driven writer’ due to her experience as a Medical Professional, and Spiritual Consultant careers, that have allowed her to intervene with others in their times of medical and spiritual needs. Her books are both fiction and nonfiction.

Ellen worked as a medical professional for 15 years in various positions, during patient care in nursing facilities as supervisor and private duty nursing, as well as home care, and as a urological technician prior to graduating from Wichita Nursing School in 1981, in the top ten of her class. Her other fields of work, include Personal Care Product Consultant, and marketing skills.

Ellen’s interest in the medical profession began after her mother was stricken with a stroke during the summer following her high school graduation. Her mother lost the ability to speak and to care for herself. The majority of her care was Ellen’s responsibility, due to other family members had to work and did not live nearby, although they provided as much support as possible.

Ellen noted caring for a stroke victim requires lots of skills and patience. Caring for her mother gave her respect for the Medical Profession and inspired her to enter the profession in her later years.

Ellen’s experience as a Medical Professional includes, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Oncology, Urology, Neurology, Psychiatric, and Surgical Technician.

“Who I am, allows me to connect with people, from all walks of life and faiths, is credited to Spirituality. It is humbling and allows me to know that I am at my best, when I treat others the way I would want them to treat me and to give without expecting to receive something in return. I have come to know that both Medical and Spirituality have a positive profound effect in my career as an author, singer and songwriter.”__ Ellen Jean Barrier

Achievements and Awards Received
A Certificate of Appreciation Was Awarded to Ellen Jean Barrier on March 8, 2013, from the Amnesty International for Her Commitment to the Crucial Fight to End Violence against Women and Girls

Certificate of Accomplishment for Professional Selling Skills was given to Ellen Jean Barrier on June 23, 1985 from Farmers Insurance Group
Ellen Jean Barrier became a Licensed Product Consultant and Advertising Agent with Morinda in 2005/2013
Ellen Jean Barrier received her Kansas State Board of Nursing License on June 1, 1981
Ellen Jean Barrier/Spiritual Counselor (Licensed 1971)


Ellen Jean Barrier
Books Published: Registered with WGA
The Price We Must Pay For Our Fathers’ Sins
How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed

Songs and Speeches Titles (Copyrights Registration) United States Library of Congress and Registered with ASCAP
Another Chance
Do Not Be Afraid
God Answers Prayer
Home on Holidays with Family and Friends
I Can’t Live Without You
I Want to Feel Your Power Today
Little Chicky
My Father’s Praise
Your Greatest Hero Is Yourself
Send Down You Power Lord
Send Me an Angel
This is an S.O.S Call to God
True Love Never Breaks A Heart
Weapons of Warfare

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