Great Achievers Don't Stand Down

The “Down” Game
There is a game in life, called “Down.”  If you play it, you will lose.
I don’t play the “Down” game. 
When I am told, I will lose, I say, I will win!
When I am told I can’t succeed, I say, I will.  
If I am told to stop! I proceed, I persevere!
When I am confronted with difficulties, I endure.
I won’t play this game of control!
I don't back down, and I don't stand down.
 I won’t bow down for anyone.
I won’t play the “Down” game!

I am prepared to win, and not for shame.

Regardless of what we do in life, we must be willing to stay focused on our goals. Great achievers persevere in spite of the challenges they face. Oftentimes they stand alone, not by choice, but by the spirit of endurance and perseverance within themselves; that refuse to stand down, when the odds are against them, and when others have given up on them. The power to never stand down when facing a challenge is within the making of every great achiever.

Written by Ellen J. Barrier

Success is sweet but It comes with a high price tag.

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