Helping Others

These Are the Times I Am Happy To Have Stayed Awhile Longer

A father was doused with gasoline and a burning match was tossed on him in an attempt to kill him.
This gentleman was paralyzed from waist down to his lower extremities.  His doctor had ordered treatments on his wounds three times daily.  After I had discussed his treatments with him, he started to cry. He said “My own son tried to kill me.”  The motive:  An argument over money.  He needed to tell his story. I listened, as he cried while telling me something that no parent would believe they would ever have a need to share.
This was a terminal ill patient who wanted prayer
 During my visit with her; with her permission, I placed my hands on the area of her surgical incision, and prayed for her healing. She received a miracle healing. Her doctor dismissed her for home a few days later. 
There are many different ways of which we can help others if we stay awhile longer.

__Ellen J. Barrier

Healed from Incurable Lung Disease

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