The Two Systems

Justice and Legal Systems

There are two systems that govern our lives; they are justice and legal.
Justice belongs to God. And legal belongs to the court of laws governed by man.
In order to properly represent a client, an attorney needs facts.
That would include documents, photos, and all other factual information in the case.
Many people like to quote the prophet Isaiah “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper.”
That text is based on righteous behavior. Justice from God is given to the righteous.
As we see in both systems, the client has to provide proof.
Some cases are lost in the court of laws due to poor representation because of lack of evidence. The client has to work closely with the attorney and provide facts in the case. To win a case, the client has to give the attorney the weapons to fight with. That is the evidence.
Justice is sought in the courtrooms through many prayers from the lips of those who pass through the legal system daily. 
Truth is on the side of the righteous in the Justice system, it is the greatest of all weapons.

Written by Ellen J. Barrier

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